What’s A Good Niche Strategy?

When you’re starting out online one of the best things you can do is to decide to do niche marketing. But there are so many niche marketing methods out there, that I really suggest you try out one niche strategy first see what results you get before you try out another one. Because so many people end up learning about so many different niche strategies that they get confused and sometimes they try to implement different strategies at the same time. It all gets really messy and they’re not really making progress, they are not really making money, they are not really moving forward. Instead they are only getting more and more confused because of information overload.

That’s why I really want to give you an overview about a really basic niche strategy here.

The first step of any successful niche strategy should be market-research. Unfortunately this is also the most commonly overlooked part of niche marketing. Most people who teach how to make money online don’t really go into detail when it comes to the market research part, and I understand why. Niche market research is probably the most boring part of any kind of online business. But it’s also the most important part at the beginning of any online business. If you get this wrong, nothing you can do further down the road can help you. Even if you have the best sales copy, even if you have top secret SEO tricks… if the niche you are in is a zero dollar niche then you will not make any money. On the other hand, if you have a really hot niche then you can make good money with mediocre marketing and a funny looking website.

So you really should find different niche markets and then evaluate which one has the greatest potential. I go into a lot of detail about finding and evaluating different niches so that you can find out which one is probably going to be the most profitable one.

The next step is setting up a website. If you have never set up a website it might sound kind of intimidating but it is actually pretty easy. You register a domain, get a hosting account, create the website and publish it. There are templates and tools that help you to do all that so that you do not have to deal with all the technical stuff. And there are step-by-step instructions too.

By that time you should already have researched the niche keywords and affiliate products to promote and you should also be aware of other authority sites and niche blogs that are relevant to the niche. And then it’s about promoting your site. Getting people to come to your site. And there are many many methods of doing that. But again, if you have chosen the right niche than getting people to your website will be a lot easier. But if you have chosen the wrong niche, then as I mentioned before even the best SEO methods won’t really help you to drive traffic – maybe because the terms are so hypercompetitive; maybe because there’s just nobody searching for what you have to offer. So it again comes down to first finding the right niche and then evaluating the niche and really getting to know the niche and doing your due diligence when it comes to niche research.

In the last step is actually the easiest one: is monetizing your niche website. But if you have selected the right niche, set up a website and are getting targeted traffic then monetizing it is the easiest part of your niche strategy. So get started right now! Claim your complimentary copy of the How To Find Your Niche MiniCourse by simply putting your e-mail address in the form above.