What Is A Narrow Niche?

In this article we are going to look at what narrow niche is, and why it might be a good idea to enter narrow niche is to sell information products, will promote other people’s products as an affiliate. Even if you are providing a service, it can be a great idea to focus on narrow niche.

But first things first. Let’s look at what narrow niche actually is. I hope that you already do know what a niche is. If you don’t know what Ignatius, I’m going to explain it very quickly to you, just so that you get a quick idea of it. A niche is a group of people with shared interests.

For example, offers our niche. It’s a niche of people were interested in golfing. That’s the golfing niche. The golfing niche is the very brutal niche. It’s a very general niche. Cost their millions of people who play golf and have a passion for golf. But within that big niche there are smaller niche is. Niche is like how to select the best golf clubs, or whatever. I’m not into golfing at all. The only golf I ever played was minigolf.

Another example would be held. Half of the growth markets of being broke niche. Alternative health is one segment of that niche. They still be broke niche. Traditional Chinese medicine, is in niche of the alternative health niche.

So it is kind of like with these Russian dolls. This one inside another insight and other content and other and they get infinitely small. If you have small niche, that is what you call a narrow niche. Because it is very targeted. It is not rolled like a general niche like hell. Narrow because you specifically focus on a certain group of people with certain wants and needs and preferences and abilities, potentials and limitations.

For example, weight loss with traditional Chinese medicine for women over 40. That is an example of a narrow niche. Some people also call it a micro-niche. Learn meaning each. Whatever you call it, there are no fixed definitions when in niche becomes a micro-niche or many niche are narrow niche. These some more general ideas and concepts. It’s not about how many people that are in a niche exactly. You can say that one’s in niche has more than 2 million prospects that it is not the narrow niche anymore. But in narrow niche in general it’s something that is very targeted and highly focused and is much smaller than the broke niche.

Now why would you want to have a smaller group of people who market to? After all you want to sell more products, so why do you want to limit yourself? Because after all if you just still weight loss stuff, you can set it to man, two women, any age any interest. But if you sell traditional Chinese medicine weight loss information for women over 40, no man is going to be your customer. Immediately cut out 50% of the population. And then again, no woman under 40 is going to be interested in what you have to say. And no women over 40 who is not interested in weight loss with traditional Chinese medicine is going to be interested. So you cut out a huge percentage of the population already that you don’t have the ability to sell to.

Why in God’s name would you want to do that?

Because it allows you to market much more effectively.

You see, when you’re just starting out to make money online, then you probably are not the million-dollar copywriter, and you probably another graphic design, and you probably another web traffic broker, and you probably are not an accurate specialist, and you probably are not a cost per action expert. You are an Internet marketing beginner. And as beginner it’s just the fact that your marketing funnel won’t be as effective as the marketing funnel of really experienced marketers who make millions and millions of dollars marketing.

You also won’t have the same resources at some of the big direct response companies who can spend multimillion dollars on advertising every single month.

These people own the weight loss niche. These people own the broke general niche is. They are there, and they bully every competitor out who doesn’t know how to play the game really well. But if you focus on a small narrow niche, then you have less competition.

And that makes it easier for you to get your offer, to get your promotion from other people. Of people who are highly interested in your market. It is a lot easier to have your page ranking on the first type of Google for the search term traditional Chinese medicine weight loss for women than it is to have your website ranking on the first page of Google for the term weight loss.

There’s a lot easier to write compelling sales copy if you have a narrow niche. Because you can write really specifically to the needs and wants of women over 40 who want to lose weight using traditional Chinese medicine. You can understand your prospects better. And they will feel almost as if you’re talking to them personally. They will feel that the offer that you are making them is made for them. It’s almost like getting a custom tailored dress. And people would respond to that much better than two to general broke appealed for.

I hope this article helps you to get a better understanding of what a narrow niche is, and why you should focus on narrow niche specialty if you are the beginning or intermediate marketer.

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