What Is A Good Niche?

Here we are going to look at what makes a good niche. If you’re involved in niche marketing, then I hope that you know how important it is to find a good niche.

Even when you have mediocre marketing, low traffic, bad SEO, and a mediocre product, if you have selected a good niche you can still make a lot of money with. But if you have selected a bet each, then no matter how great your marketing funnel is, no matter how great your product is, no matter if you hired million-dollar copywriter, you’re not going to make money. It’s as simple as that.

So what exactly is a good niche?

The good niche is in niche where people are willing and able to spend money. A good niche is where there is some competition, but not too much.

You see, especially many beginners to Internet marketing think that a good niche should have no competition. Nothing could be further from the truth. In niche absolutely should have competition. If you have found a niche where there’s no competition and you have not yet made their first million-dollar marketing, then please stay away from that niche. Because there is a 99.9% chance that the reason why there’s no competitor in the niche is simply that there is no money in that niche.

There are some niche is where it actually is the high interests. Their niche is where lots of people talk about things and have questions about things. But they just are not willing, while they are not able to spend money.

So you want to have the niche, and I know I’m repeating myself here, this is worth repeating, and it’s important that you really get to this into your marketing mind, you want to have the niche where people are willing and able to spend money.

So does that mean that you should go for the hypercompetitive niche is like weight loss, business opportunities, credit cards, and so on? No!

What a certain amount of competition is good, too much of a good thing is spent. And the same is true for competition. There’s too much competition, then stay out of that niche. If there’s a competitor that has to be really great marketing and owns 80% of the market, then I suggest you stay away from that niche and find another niche. Or to carve out your subniche in that big niche.

For example, make Money online niche is pretty crowded already. Of course you can try to be the next date attacking a go if, but my suggestion is that if you absolutely want to go in the make Money online niche is the carve out your own little small so niche within that make Money online niche. For example, your niche might be how to make money online for women over 50 who can only work on their online business on weekends. Now that surely is a very small niche. But if you become the one authority and that niche, that small niche can still make you a lot of money. And that is the true definition of a good niche. A good niche is a niche can make you a lot of money. I like the definition even more than my where people are willing and able to spend money kind of definition. I’m thinking of trademarking that term right now. It would niche is a niche where you can make a lot of money.

I go into much more detail when it comes to niche evaluation and how to find good niche in my How To Find A Niche MiniCourse. In very good except methods, step-by-step instructions and numbers to look for to identify good niche is in bed nations. Claim your complimentary copy now by simply putting your e-mail address in the form above.