What Is A Broad Niche?

Here I want to talk about what broad niche is. A broad niche is simply a large group of people with a shared common interests.

Let me give you an example: weight loss. Weight loss an example of a broad niche. In fact it’s a huge niche. There’s so many people who want to lose weight. Another broad niche is weight loss supplements. There are so many people buying weight loss supplements at the very broad niche still. Dieting is another example of a broad niche.

I have now given you some examples of broad niche is, and now I want to give you some examples of narrow niches. Because I really believe that you understand the difference best if we contrast broad niche as a narrow niche is together. The narrow niche would be something like “weight loss workshops for women over 50”. That’s a narrow niche. Only women who want to actually go to a workshop where they have to be physically present and they are over 50 and they want to learn how to lose weight, they’re looking for some kind of coaching, some kind of training, some kind of method and the personal attention to help them lose weight. That’s a narrow niche. There are not many of the as many prospects in the niche market as there are in the broad weight loss market.

Another example of wrote and a narrow niche would be the dating niche and to dating for divorced men with children niche. Dating is of course the broad niche. And dating for divorced men with children the narrow niche.

You might think that it’s actually better to be in the broad niche. But that’s not the case. Because even on the Internet, in all the broad niche as there are now 800 pound gorillas against whom you don’t want to compete. These are people who have multimillion dollar budgets. They can bully you out of their market. Because that is how they see it. That is their market.

But what you can do is that you can’t yourself out a small narrow subniche.

Anyway I want to give you a listing of some broad niche is because proteinaceous are really a great starting point to brainstorm narrow niche is to go into. It’s a lot easier to stop the broad niche in which you have some kind of interest or some kind of expertise is some kind of experience and then develop ideas for good niche is within that broad niche. So, here we go, some examples of broad niches:

Business Opportunities
Martial Arts
Stress Management
Home Improvement

All of these are a broad niches. There are more broad niches than those. Much more in fact. You can drill down deeper into any of those two fine small narrow niches within the broad niches.

I hope this article helps you to understand better what broad niches are. I hope that you also see how broad niches are good for brainstorming purposes, you really don’t want to build the business in the broad niche. Instead you want to find a small narrow niche. That’s the broad niches are good for, to help you find small narrow niches.

However, it is important that you validate the potential of a small narrow niche. You might find a niche that you think is a great niche to make money in, but in fact it’s what I call a zero dollar niche. And then your business is this kind of faith. That is why I put together the How To Find A Niche MiniCourse for you. Claim your complimentary copy now by putting your e-mail address.

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