What Are Niche Publications?

Now I want to talk about what niche publications are. If you have lots of good quality content on a certain niche, or if you have the ability to generate a lot of good quality condiments are niche, that might actually be a very good idea to publish niche publication.

But if you have a product that targets a specific niche, then niche publications are even more important to you. Not so much as publishing a niche publication, but as the possibility to advertise your products or services to a highly targeted and prequalified group of people.

Niche publications are traditionally magazines that are dedicated to a very specific topic. For example, there are magazines that are convulsively about collecting stamps. Now, I am not a stamp collector. I don’t know anything about that, and quite frankly, I’m a little bit surprised that there can be monthly publications about collecting stamps. What in the world with people want to read and write about stamps? But that is because I have no passion no interest in collecting stamps. The only way you could interest me in stamps is by telling me that you’re willing to send me spam for $1000 that I can sell for $1500 tomorrow. But you’d have to be pretty believable in order for me to become interested.

Other examples of niche publications are magazines about sports cars, magazines about cigars, magazines about why and so on. Magazines about knitting, magazines about electronic gadgets and so on.

Niche magazines generally don’t have a broad audience like daily newspapers or very popular magazines. For example, Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular magazines in the United States. It is not a niche magazine. It is a broad appeal magazine.

Fit for fun is another broad appeal magazine. Yeah, you can say that it kind of is targeted, that is kind of targeting the fitness niche, but it is really so broad and general that I do not count as a niche publication peer niche publications have much smaller circulation in much more highly targeted and focused group of readers.

There are also online niche publications. For example websites that are solely dedicated to one very specific topic can be considered niche publications. The website is all about eco-friendly tourism for families in Nicaragua, that is a niche publication. Cos if I have a guesthouse that is family-friendly and eco-friendly in Nicaragua, I want to advertise on that website. Because I know that the people who spend time on that website are possible customers who might be interested in what I have to offer.

There are directories of niche publications that can help you to find targeted magazines and targeted websites. In my how to find a niche minicourse I share different market research methods that help you to track non-niche publications that are relevant to your specific niche and talk about the best ways to advertise to them. If you’re interested in niche marketing at all I highly suggest that you claim your complimentary copy right now.

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