What Are Niche Directories?

Here we are going to look at niche directories. Niche directories help you to find publishers, promotions, advertisers, affiliates, joint venture partners, products to promote, niche publications, and niche experts.

Let’s say that you have a niche website about dog training. A niche directory of dog training could help you to find products that you can promote on your website in exchange for a commission. It could also help you to track down experts on dog training that are willing to share an article on your website or that might be willing to do an interview that you can publish on your own website. If you have a product in the dog training niche, then you could find affiliates in the niche directory about dog training that are willing to promote your product for you.

You might also be able to approach advertisers and sell them advertising space on your website.

Many people with websites are not very creative. They just put AdSense on their website. But if you actually approach companies and tell them: “Look, I have a website about dog training, and I see that you have a dog training school or a dog training book or a dog training home study course, and if you want to advertise your product I’m more than willing to put a banner or little advertisement for you on my website if you just pay me X amount of dollars.”

Of course the exact amount of dollars that you get can be negotiated, and it has to be negotiated. But I know of cases where people have been making three dollars a month with AdSense on one particular website and then sold the same advertising space to a company who was willing to pay $150. So they increase their profit by, actually I don’t know how many percent that is. Three dollars and then off to this which is $150, so 3×5 is 15, that would be 500%. 150 that is a 5000% increase in profits. Isn’t5000% increase in profits is worth checking out some niche directories to find possible advertisers for your website?

And if you are a company that actually has a product, then you can also find websites that you might approach and you can say: “Hey, listen I see that you have a website about dog training and I have a product about dog training, I would like to try something. I would really like to try to put a banner on your website for my product and see how it goes. How much do you want for displaying my advertising banner for one month on your website?”

If you have a known product you can also use the niche directory to find competitors and you can suggest joint ventures. For example you can say: “Okay you have a mailing list I have a mailing list why don’t we mail our offers to each other’s mailing list in exchange for an affiliate commission.” Now first is might sound stupid. Why would you want to send your customers to a competitor. But if they have been on your mailinglist and if they haven’t bought from you yet, then maybe it’s because you are not making them the right offer and your product is not right for them, and they will just will not buy from you. But maybe your competitor’s offer is right for them, maybe they respond to his sales copy better than they do to yours. If you send your customers over to their website and they buy your competitor’s product and you get 50% affiliate commission then that is much better than you not selling anything for them and not getting any money out of it. Especially if you take into consideration that you competitor will also send out your offer to his list in exchange and this can be a huge moneymaker, because all of a sudden you get exposure to his customers to a certain percentage of them is likely to buy your product.

I hope this open your eyes a little bit to what can be possible with niche directories and why they’re worth checking out. To learn more about nish directories and how to locate, evaluate and choose aniche claim your complimentary copy of the How To Find A Niche MiniCourse.