What Are Niche Blogs?

Niche blogs are blogs that are about only and exclusively a very specific niche. Most of the blogs out there are about very general themes and general topics, and they often are unfocused. That’s because the majority of people use their blog kind of like a public diary. They share what’s happening in their lives, they share their thoughts, they shared their opinions on all the stuff that’s going on in their life. It’s not focused.

Niche blogs on the other hand are highly focused blogs. They write about one topic, but they write about that one topic in great detail.

Let me give you some example of niche blogs. A blog that is only about jewelry, that is a niche blog. But it’s still a broad niche blog. But that is only about gold jewelry for women, that is a real, real niche blog in the true sense of the word.

Another example of a niche blog would be a blog that is only about repairing your bicycle. And every day there’s a new post about how to repair a certain part of your bicycle, or a review about a certain tool to review your bicycle in the different brands of bytes to equipment and how they compare to each other stuff like that.

You see, a niche blog is really only interesting to a very small population of the Internet. I would not read a niche blog on repairing bicycles. That is because I’m not interested in repairing bicycles. But people who are interested in repairing bicycles, they devour such info. Because they want to know everything about repairing bicycles. They want to know exactly how to do it. They want to know which brand is the best. They want to know which tools to use. If you go to a shop, you can find the same kind of tool from five different brands. So how do you know which one to choose? If you are a bicycle fanatic then this is the stuff matters to you.

That is why niche blogs can be really profitable. Because you write so highly targeted stuff so that people who find your blog and care about your niche topic will come back again and again for more and they will interact with you an leave comments on your blog, they will ask questions and so on. That is how a truly great blog is created.

Then there’s also niche video blogging. There’s one particular niche media blogger that has really gotten famous. His name is Gary Vaynerchuk, he is the host of wine Library TV.

Every week he does a little wine tasting and he records it on video publishes it on his blog. Videos about 20 or 15 minutes long in general. And he does nothing else than talk about wine, tasting different brands of wine on that videoblog.

Do you know how much money that guy makes? Company is making more than $40 million in revenue a year, at least that is the last number I heard of.

The guy has been featured on TV several times, major networks have offered him his own TV show, he has signed a seven figure book deal, he has been on the cover of Time magazine and other big-time publications.

If you think that writing a niche blog is limiting your chances of success, think again. You can start with a highly targeted niche blog, expand your reach and you can really become a known brand outside of the internet later on.

But even if you blog about a niche but it’s still important that you find the right niche. That’s why I created the “How To Find A Niche” MiniCourse for you. You can claim your complimentary copy by just signing up with your e-mail address.

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