The Money Is In The Niches

The money is in the niches. I really believe that. You see, is the biggest online store on the Internet. It’s selling basically everything. Books, DVDs, electronics, kitchen supplies, clothing, air conditioners, wallpaper tapestry, boats, refrigerators, furniture, shoes, tools, computers and laptops, mobile phones, office equipment and an on and on and on.

But before it became this big all in one warehouse thing, was only selling books. Nothing but books. Only after they really have established themselves and build the brand into a well-known, widely recognized name, and acquired a huge customer base did they start to diversify into different markets.

This is a huge lesson for you to learn. One of the newest Internet marketing phenomenons is a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk. Maybe you have heard of him. He’s running a wine show, actually a video blog. It’s called WineLibrary TV. In his show he does nothing but talk about wines. Every week he tries different wines and makes a video about it and then reviews the wines. And he does it in his own style. But you know what? Even though he does a videoblog about nothing else than wine, his wine company is now making revenues of more than $40 million each year for all I know. And he has gotten quite some attention. He has been invited on TV, been featured in Time magazine and other major publications, even been offered his own TV show by major TV networks. And he’s been signed by a major book publishing company that has offered him a seven figure the contract. All from a guy who does a video blog about wines. Now he’s going out, branching out into different kinds of niches. He’s building his own personal brand as kind of a guy who was teaching people about social marketing and doing what he has done in different markets. And he’s also kind of a pep talk or, kind of a motivational guru thing. That’s really great, because Gary is so authentic and inspiring. And he started out with nothing but wines.

If you want to do it, if you want to become such a big player in the game, then the best way really is to get started in a niche and established yourself in that niche and then branch out from within the niche into related markets. Once you have established yourself in one niche, and are really profitable and successful and have reached the potential of that niche… then it’s time to branch out into the next niche and take that niche.

Many people think that the potential of niche marketing is limited, but really it’s not. It’s just an easy backdoor entry to the big stage. Some people decide to enter the big stage, others decide to keep on operating from behind. They have more of a producer mentality than an on-stage actor mentality. They don’t necessarily want their name and face out there in front of everyone. It is also possible with niche marketing. You can build huge multimillion dollar business with nothing but niche marketing without ever having to get your face in front of anyone.

The money really is in the niches. Think about. More than $40 million deal with wine. There’s another guy who was selling a freaking ebook on how to build your own do-it-yourself chicken coop and for all I know he’s making a six figure income from that single silly chicken coop e-book” Do you believe me now that there really is money in the niches?