One More Free Visual Niche Keyword Tool

I like to share different niche keyword research tools with you to help you make more money with your online business. And since everybody likes free I don’t want to keep this one from you either.

It is kind of like another tool that I’ve already introduce to you is also a visual keyword tool. This one is a bit more encyclopedia style and they assemble their data in different ways. I don’t use it as often as I use the other one, but every once in a while when my brain is kind of stuck I go there and just play around with a little bit – it really is a great idea quickstarter.

It can help you to come up with words to use in your headline sales copy in the e-mail subject lines for promotions that you do and so on. (And of course gold nuggest for niche research).

The tool I’m talking about is an online graphical dictionary and thesaurus. You can find it here

Just type in different words and kind of see what comes up. With this tool I suggest just using one word phrases, not two or three word phrases for more.

This tool really is not a necessity, and I use it maybe one or two times a month. I think there really is no need to use it, but I am a kind of visual guy and I like to have information presented to me in a visual manner because that helps me sometimes to process it better than just reading in lists or spreadsheets.

Marketing is something that becomes very creative after a certain point, and tools like these can sometimes help you to get your creative juices flowing. Just spent five minutes playing around with it. In fact the way I use it if I actually do use a stopwatch timer, I have little stopwatch on my desk and I decide to five minutes and I play around with it. I kind of say: “Just give me ideas and get my brain juices flowing” and once the five minutes are over I stop and shut down and go back to my working, by implementing the creative ideas that I have gotten by using this tool. And I find it really helps me to move on a point when my mind is kind of blank.

And sometimes it’s just another way of improving upon something that I have already done, getting new ideas because, let’s face it: no matter how good sales letter or another marketing material that you have put together actually is it can always be improved. If you have a salesletter that is bringing in good money, then it’s going to be worth going back and see how you can improve it.
After one month I like to go back usually and review the salesletter and can see where I can improve it. Because sometime a 1% conversion increase in mean thousand dollars more per year and it takes you 30 minutes to do it, then that is an hourly rate of $2000. That’s quite sweet. Again it depends upon where you are in your marketing and how you can use the tool.