Niche Websites Make Big Money For The “Small Guy”

If you are a beginning Internet marketer and you want to find a way to make money online then I sincerely believe that niche websites are the best way for you to get started. In this article I’m going to talk about what exactly niche websites are, how you can monetize them and why they hours. Two very broad and general interest websites that maybe get more traffic but make less money.

Because niche websites really are the best opportunity for people who don’t have a big budget by two one to really build an internet business and create a passive online income. Even if you are starting out as a one man or one woman show and you only have time after you come home from work and on the weekends, you can still start to build profitable online business with very little risk and very little money investment” into something that makes so much money that you finally will probably just quit your day job because you might be making more money from your part-time online business then you are making from your full-time job. However, be aware that it takes work to get there. Unfortunately there are a lot of people attracted to online marketing that really shouldn’t try to go into any kind of business, because they are just plain lazy. Listen, if you are lazy, then by all means stop reading this, stop cheating yourself, stop dreaming about some kind of magic moneymaking system on the Internet and go and watch TV because you’re just wasting your time. If you are not willing to put in the work, there’s no need to get started it all. If you are serious, if you are ready and willing to invest the time energy and your work into building your own online income, then I want to help you in any way I can. Because I myself have struggled long enough with trying to crack the code before I found a way to really make it consistent passive income that allows me to enjoy the lifestyle and enjoy today.

So let’s finally look at what niche websites pictures ER. Niche websites are websites that are only about a very specific topic. They’re very general and broad sites like, and they have kind of information about everything. But that is not the kind of website you want to build, because you can’t create such a thing as a one-man show. You want to carve out your niche you want to find your specific place on the Internet where you become the real recognized authority for that niche. When I see you I do not necessarily mean that US person, recognized authority I mean that you as a website becomes a place that people who are interested in your niche go to and that those people trust. And this way you can kind of start to really dominate a certain niche. That’s why it’s important that you find a small niche to start out. And then you leverage it out from there.

So for example on niche website would be a website that is only about Catholic parts. Now I do know nothing about Cadillcac parts and I never in my life sat in a Cadillac. But I know that this site is making a lot of money. But look at the Google PageRank. It has a PageRank 1! I can get a PageRank three for my websites in two months if I want to. It’s just not worth the trouble, because how much money you make really is not affected by the patron that you have except when you’re selling advertisement.

But that’s the great thing. When you have a niche website, you do not need to have a high page rank. You just need people who are really interested in what you have to sell.

You do not need to have a huge fancy website and thousands of visitors a day to really make money with a niche website.

Maybe you don’t know how to build a niche website. Don’t worry, there are even tools that automate all the technical stuff for you so that you can focus on their core business activities.

But the most important thing when you start to build a niche website is that you choose a good niche first. I see so many people failing who do everything right, but they just have no chance of succeeding because they are choosing the wrong niche. Doing proper niche research and evaluating the niche is the first thing that you really have to take care of. Unfortunately not many make money online courses really go into detail when it comes to that part. That’s why I have created 100% free how to find the niche minicourse for people like you. People want to get started making money online without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Simply put your e-mail address in the field above to receive the How To Find A Niche MiniCourse.