Niche Software Helps You With Your Niche Marketing

Niche software is software that

  • helps you to research a niche and to
  • build content inside that niche, and to
  • promote your website and to
  • promote your product inside a niche market.

Some of the most common kinds of niche software programs are niche research tools like keyword research tools and niche finders.

There are many of them and they’re constantly new ones coming out, so you really want to stay on top of recent developments all the time and see what is changing in the market, because sometimes a new piece of software enters the market and changes the whole game. It does not mean that you have to buy every new product, because the fundamentals really always always remain the same.

But sometimes a new piece of niche software is being released that can really cut your research work time in half.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Your time is the most valuable commodity that you have. If you are completely starting out I suggest that you “pay yourself” $10 an hour. That means if you can outsource something for $10 an hour to somebody else, then you do it. Because then you have time to focus on more important activities for yourself. But once you get an online business up and running and really start to make money, your own per hour value increases dramatically. All of a sudden you can easily afford and in fact should outsource everything that you can outsource the $20 $30 $40, $50, $100 dollars per hour. Because the more you’re outsourcing, the more you can focus on your core skills, skills that have the biggest leverage for your business.

But what if I cannot afford to outsource?

What if you are at a point where you are not able to outsource simply because you don’t have the money? Then niche software the best solution. Because niche software automates a lot of the steps you would have to do manually and that saves you a lot of time and is almost kind of like a mini outsourcing thing.

Recently keyword elite 2.0 has been released and it really is a great piece of software. If you can afford only one piece of niche software, then I would suggest you choose this one at this point in time. Because that’s the one I use right now.

Another great tool is Micro Niche Finder. Micro Niche Finder is more targeted towards Internet marketing beginners, while keyword elite is really more for people who already have a lot of experience with doing keyword research and market research and SEO and pay per click. Micro Niche Finder on the other hand is much more beginners friendly, and makes it possible for you to really find profitable niches easily, without having to know and understand all the details and intricacies of keyword and market research and PPC and SEO and all that stuff.

If you are just beginning in online marketing, then I go with Micro Niche Finder instead of Keyword Elite. If you are already experienced and know how to do all this stuff, then Keyword Elite should be your number one choice. But if you are just a beginner, Keyword Elite can really be overwhelming and you can become stuck because there’s so much information that you have to process.

(I know that in the sales letter of the software itself says is absolutely beginner friendly and everybody can use it, but I think that it is overwhelming for a beginner and you don’t want to have too much of a learning curve when you’re just starting out. You want to have things in simple step-by-step manner so that you can start to make small money. And when you started to make small money, then you get those resources, when you have some experience under your belt to really leverage and accelerate. Things grow bigger and better because then you can add easily afford all these advanced tools from the money that you already made.)

If you want updates on the best niche software any time there’s something new coming out that I think is worthwhile mentioning, that I use myself and that I benefit from, then sign up for the How To Find A Niche MiniCourse because I will definitely inform you and tell you what I think about different tools when they are being released and tell you if I think they’re worth investing your time and money in or not. Just put your e-mail in the sign-up form above.