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Lots of people are really trying to create huge authority sites with a high page rank, and tens of thousands of visitors a day. And that is great and very achievable. Just takes some consistent work. But I do not measure the success of my website by how much traffic it gets, or how much page rank Google gives me. I measure it by how much money the website makes me. That is the only criteria I have for measuring the success of my website.

And time and time again it has been proven to me that niche sites are more successful than broad, general, high-traffic-volume websites. I have some websites that get very, very little traffic, yet they made me thousands of dollars already. These are kind of the GoldMine websites, and quite frankly they are a lucky break. There are exceptions, they are not the rule. But it’s very easy to also make thousands of dollars from sites that get little bit of traffic, not very very little, but a little traffic, just a couple thousand visits a month.

And it’s very easy to create niche sites that get a couple thousand visits a month. The reason why niche sites are so much more profitable is simply that people who come to you with niche sites are generally much more prequalified, they are more passionate about the subject of your website and they’re much more likely to respond to any offers or promotions that you have on your website.

In fact the very site you’re on right now is one kind of a niche site. It is a niche site about finding niches. I don’t know what you called that, maybe you call that a meta-niche site or something.

Niche sites are very, very targeted. I know I said that before, but I want to really give you a thorough understanding of what makes a successful niche site. Almost all the traffic on niche sites is targeted traffic. That leads to a very low bounce rate and a very long on site time rate. I hope you know about Google Analytics, because it is a great way of measuring how well the website is working once somebody visits your it. Because it’s not just important how many visits a month you get, it’s also important how long people stay on your website and how much they interact with it. If they click on your website and then they go right back to their previous page and they don’t spend more than 3 seconds on your website, then that web visitor was of no value to you at all, unless you are running impression-based advertising on your website.

So you really want to create a great user experience on your niche sites, so that people like to stay on your website, and like to interact with your website, and browse through the different articles that you have on your website (and maybe bookmark it, even more, share it with other people so that it creates a kind of mini viral element inside of your niche).

There’s more than one way to make money with niche sites, and I will introduce you to the ones that have proven to work for me, and I’m very confident that they will also work for you if you try them out. Just claim your complimentary copy of the How To Find A Niche MiniCourse by putting in your e-mail address in the field above.

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