Niche Search – A Simple Way To Do It

If you are looking for a simple way to search sites that are related to your niche then you really don’t need niche search engines. You just need to know some insider tricks of how to use Google effectively.

You probably already know that Google has the largest database of all the websites in the world.

So sometimes you might be searching for something that is specifically related to your niche and the search results that you get from Google don’t seem to be very relevant. There is a method how you can get more specific search results and that turns Google almost into your own little niche search engine.

Using Quotes

When you look for certain specific terms then it can really help to just search for them in quotes. For example instead of looking for

advanced dog training for German shepherds

you can look for

"advanced dog training" "german shepherds"

This will yield more targeted results in most cases. Another way to find sites related to your niche is by using the similar sites function of Google.

Using “Similar Sites”

When you search for search term on Google may be assigned only one side that is relevant to what it is that you’re looking for. All the other search results that you get are not what you’re looking for. This little trick that can help you.

Next to the search result that is relevant you can see the little link that says “Similar”. It’s right underneath the headline of the search result. Click on that link and Google will show you sites that are similar and related to that website. This is an easy way to find similar websites.

Using specific niche terms

Searching for specific niche terms is another method to find niche sites. For example in the Internet marketing field there is one popular phrase that goes “the money is in the list”.
This is a term that is almost only used in Internet marketing. If you search for that term with an exact search (that means: searching with quotes), then you will get a whole bunch of sites that are internet marketing sites that use that exact phrase on their side. Every niche has these kinds of terms that are industry and niche specific. Just write down a couple of these niche specific phrases and search for them with an exact search on Google.

There are more Google tricks to researching the market, but instead of listing them all here, I want to talk about another niche search tool. And that is Spyfu is actually not in niche search tool, but a competitive analysis tool. However, I also like to use it like a niche research tool. Because it quickly allows you to find sites that are promoting a product in a specific niche, and you get to see the keywords that they use, and you get to see the pay per click ads that they use and a lot more. This is really incredible data that you can use to establish yourself quickly in any niche.

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