Niche Profits – The Money Is In The Niches

I’m a huge fan of niche marketing. And in this article I want you to realize the power of niche marketing, and I want to tell you why you might be wasting your time if you are trying to market to a broad general audience.

I have many niche sites on different topics. I market many different products from all kinds of niche is. Some are health related, some are travel related, some have to do with weight loss and fitness, some have to do with business opportunities, some have to do with pets and so on. I’m kind of over the place.

But I am all over the place in a very focused and specific manner. I have a kind of diversified portfolio of passive income streams. And that is very nice. Because it provides me and my family with more financial safety than any job in the world could.

All thanks to the sweet taste of niche profits. Niche marketing is actually a pretty simple business model. It’s all about focusing on a very specific and highly targeted group of people and giving them exactly what they want.

The reason why you want to focus on highly targeted specific groups of people is because it is much easier to sell to them. Look, you can try day and night to send me a pill that will help me to get rid of dandruff. But I’m not going to bite.

But if you tell me about some Chinese herbal powder that I can put on my head 10 minutes before I take a shower that can help me to get rid of dandruff I might be a good customer for you. That’s just me. That’s my personal preference. I really don’t like to take any pills or drugs from Morgen pharmaceutical companies. Because of my personal experience, I have seen too many people being messed up by these drugs. And that has established in the certain belief systems and preferences. For example I believe that if given the choice is always better for me to use the natural treatment than to use a modern pharmaceutical chemical treatment if they both work.

Now, if you try to sell me a pill against dandruff and you can hire a million-dollar copywriter, you can have the best graphic artists, you can have the best salesman, I will not bite. But if you want to sell me a Chinese dandruff powder human needs to be a marketing genius. All you need is a funny looking little website that tells me that you have an herbal powder that is used in Chinese medicine to cure dandruff and that I can put my head 10 minutes before I take a shower. And you can send it to me for a couple of dollars and all I have to do is to fill my information in the order form and pay you. And I will buy that stuff. And the bottom one time to give it a try. If it works I will buy again and again and again until I don’t have that problem anymore. But then I would be willing to buy other stuff from you because you already have proven to me that you are a supplier of solutions to my problems that work.

So as you can see niche profits are a lot more easy to make. Because you can focus in so specifically to what it is that your customer wants the people buying it all by himself without you having to try to convince a person is using some sneaky marketing and copywriting techniques. If however he won’t take it to the next level and use good marketing and copywriting skills to promote what it is that you have to sell, and offer that I am already inclined to buy an even more likely to buy from you, and even by the high price and higher volume from because human psychology is still at work. Again, the great thing about niche profits is that you do not need to be a marketing genius in order to make profits.

I hope this little ranting helped you to understand better the benefits of niche profits and why I’m such a fan of. I make niche profits every day, even while they sleep. But it all starts with finding the right niche is. If you select the wrong niche, there’s no way that you can succeed. There’s a lot to selecting the right niche is, and I give some general advice on that topic here on the website, but if you really want to get the fastest way to finding and evaluating profitable niche is a highly suggest you claim your complimentary copy of the how to find the niche minicourse.

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