Niche & Micro Niche

There is an important distinction to make between a niche and a micro niche. A niche is something like weight loss, or fitness or health. Or sports cars.

In 1997, you could go online and work your butt of and really dominate the web in a niche.

In 2010, there’s just no way of dominating a niche unless you got a multi-million dollar operation going. The big guys have come in now, and they’re eating the cake.

Fortunately, there’s still a nice slice left here and there. And that’s the micro niches. Let’s look at sports cars – that’s a big niche. But a micro niche within the sports cars section would be Porche 911 enthusiasts. Fitness? Big niche. But a micro niche of that niche would be fitness for golfers.

Travel? Big niche. Adventure travel in Chile? Micro niche. I think you get the point.

When you are starting out, you never want to be a “niche” guy. You want to be a “micro niche guy” (or gal). Because that’s the only thing where you can really go in as a “nobody” and become the go-to-guy (or gal) within just a couple of months and cash in big time.

Now “micro” might not sound so tempting. But the money you can make in a micro niche is really only “micro” by macro standards – you can still make a ton of money.