Niche Marketing Strategies

Let’s look at some niche marketing strategies (LMSs). Because there are actually plenty of niche marketing strategies, not just one. All of them can make money. It just depends upon how much time you have and how big or how small your budget is to get started and what you want to achieve with your business.

Low-Budget Niche Marketing Strategy

The Low-Budget-NMS™ is popular with people who are starting out with basically zero is what I call the low-budget niche marketing strategy: article marketing. They just buy one domain name and promote other people’s products on that domain to get affiliate commissions.

The use article marketing to drive traffic to their domain.

They find keywords that are relevant to people who might be buying the products that they promote on their website to attract search engine traffic. This is really just one way, and it’s kind of the hardest way, but it’s also one way that has proven to be the most effective way.

But it really works only if you’re willing to work consistently and if you’re willing to consistently write and publish new articles. If you don’t like to write, and you don’t want to pay other people to write, then obviously article marketing is not for you.

Product Creation As A Niche Marketing Strategy

The Product-Creation-NMS™ is about actually developing a product in a certain niche. Then contact people who are active in the niche to promote it as affiliates or JV partners. Putting together a product doesn’t have to be hard.

It can be writing an e-book, but quite frankly that is a lot of work most of the time. But you can also just get on the phone and talk with different experts on certain subject and interview them. Then you have an expert interview. Interview a couple of experts and you can really get some great content that is very valuable to people who are interested in your niche.

With this niche marketing strategy you easily leverage the expertise of other people. You can then sell these expert interviews as a product. Again, find other people who have websites in that niche and ask them to put a link or banner to your sales page on their website, or to send out an e-mail to the e-mail list. And for each sale they generate they get 50% of the sale. This way you can also build up your own list pretty fast.

Video Submission As A Niche Marketing Strategy
The Video-Submission-NMS™ involves keyword research. Here you basically find keywords that are easy to rank for because there is no competition for these keywords. These are typically long tail keywords. If you don’t know about keyword research, don’t be confused. It’s not so difficult, you just have to take it step-by-step. I talk more about it in my How To Find A Niche MiniCourse. Then you use YouTube and other video sharing sites to put up short videos that are related to that keyword. Then you drive people from your videos to offer page or to your own website where you might have an opt in form for your mailing list.

There are many more niche marketing strategies, but the most important element is always that you find the right niche. That is why I put the How To Find A Niche MiniCourse together for you. Claim your complimentary copy by simply putting into e-mail address in the form above.

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