Niche Marketing Lessons From An African Missionary

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Randy from the Marketing Twins has published a very good article on the importance of targeting a specific group of people that you market to. He called it “What I Learned From Africa About Niche Marketing“.

I’ll take the freedom to quote part of it here:

Clarifying your niche market will not only ensure you get the best referrals, it will also keep you focused on where and how to spend your precious resources:  time and money.  When you have time to give or a dollar to spend on advertising, you can sift every decision through the lens of this question:  “does this effort help me reach my target market?”  Often times, we find ourselves justifying our expenditures simply because somewhere, somehow our target market might see this generic marketing effort targeted at no one.

This is so true – you will be able to achieve far more when you really focus your efforts. The difference is equal to cutting a piece of wood with a laser beam compared to trying to keep it out in the sun long enough so that it rots.

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