Niche Content – Where To Find It

Now it’s time to talk about niche content and where you can find. If you are active in any kind of niche marketing, it is very important that you have niche content. Because you are really missing out on huge opportunities if you don’t make use of targeted niche content. Niche content can benefit you in so many ways: you can use it on your website so that people who visit your website see that you have lot of information that is related to the topic that interests them, and thus see you as an authority on that niche topic.

This will also help in the search engine rankings because search engines like websites that have lots of targeted and relevant content. You can also use niche content in your customer communications and marketing. For example, I highly suggest that you have a newsletter sign up for a mailing list on your website, or that you even mail out physical letters to the people who expressed an interest in your niche. To constantly sent out something new that is relevant to that niche can be a little bit time consuming, that is why sourcing niche content is so important.

Hiring People To Create Niche Content For You

Fortunately, there are some good source of niche content. One thing that you can do is to have your article is written for you. You can hire freelance writers to write about things that are relevant to your niche. You can hire SEO services to create videos and audios for you, and so on. (Hint: repurposing your content multiplies your exposure).

PLR Niche Content

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars from niche content then I suggest that you look for PLR sites. PLR means private label rights. This means that somebody is providing content for you and you can do anything you want with that content. So for example, someone is writing a article sequence on dog training. You can take that article sequence and use it for your autoresponder e-mail address list.

Or you just put the articles on your website or on your blog. If you use the articles on your website or your blog to get better search engine rankings I suggest that you modify them little bit before you publish them. Because if you copy it verbatim in the search engines will see this duplicate content and you will not be ranked. But you just need to modify it a little bit it, takes about two minutes per article. You don’t need to rewrite every sentence. It’s okay if it’s still obvious that it’s the same article like another site, you just modify certain percentage of let’s say 20%. You can do it by yourself, as a said, it takes about two minutes with quality PR articles, or again you can outsource it, just hire someone to edit it.

Hiring someone to rewrite articles for you is a lot cheaper than hiring someone to write a whole article for you because writing articles is something that takes time (you have to do research and write the article, etc). But rewriting an article, just the editing process is really quick.

I myself use PLR content in many different niches. Because it allows me to create an aura of expertise without actually having to be an expert. And it’s very cheap. There are different PLR sites where you can get high-quality PLR content. Unfortunately, there are also lots of PLR sites where the content is of very, very low quality and it’s basically as much work to rewrite these articles as it is to write your own article.

Another way to make your articles unique is to use an article spinner. Now again, with article spinners there are lots of them out there and the majority of them suck. Very few of them are really good. It still takes some work even with those automatic article spinners. But you can generate several variations of quickly that way.

Interviewing Experts

Another way to get niche content is to create it yourself by actually approaching experts asking them questions, interviewing them. This way you don’t really need to be an expert and you don’t really need to know a lot about your niche, yet you can provide the visitors of your website of the readers of your meetings with high-quality relevant information for your niche.

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