Need A Niche Idea?

If you’re looking for niche idea in this article is for you. I’m going to talk about niche idea for online businesses. Specially if you are a beginning Internet marketer just starting out reading this article will benefit enormously, because I will just introduce you to different niche a DS, but also show you a systematic approach to coming up with your own niche ideas.

Niche marketing is a great way to make money online, because even if you are not of great copyright a graphic designer or pay per click expert, you can make money. I always like to say the money is in the niches.

When you’re looking for niche ideas, the easiest way to start is to look at the role categories, look at the big markets and make a list of the ones that you have an interest in, the list of the ones where you have some kind of knowledge or expertise or experience in already.

Now, I say expertise but you really don’t need to be an expert. I repeat: you do not need to be an expert on each to make money from each. I will show you how that works later. But now let’s first get back to the niche idea finding process.

If you don’t know what the big markets are, the big markets are markets like health, weight loss, business opportunities, pets, self-help, software, business services, career advice and so.

Now just write down the ones you have some kind of interest in.

Once you have assembled this list, it’s time to brainstorm ideas for smaller niche is.

For example if you are interested in self-help think about the topics that you’re particularly interested in. Do you like to listen to motivational training tapes? The motivation could be good niche for you. But you really want to drill down a little bit further. You want to have a narrow niche. Example of a narrow niche would be “motivation for men over 35”. Or “motivation for self-employed entrepreneurs”.

There are many reasons why you want to narrow down your niche, but the main reason is that you’re much more likely to succeed in a narrow niche you are a rogue general market.

Let’s take another example. Let’s say that you have some kind of interest or expertise or experience with things related to health. Maybe you have an interest in alternative health. But even alternative health is still a very broad market. Yes, it is in niche within the health market, but it’s still a gigantic. There are millions and millions of people interested in alternative health.

In the competition and the alternative how few of his peers. So, let’s drill down further. What are some possible niche is in the alternative health niche? Well, I can think of traditional Chinese medicine, I can think of herbal supplements, I can think of homeopathy, I can think of home remedies and so on. Let’s take one of these.

Let’s take on the up of. Homeopathy is still very broad and big niche. So let’s drill down even further. Homeopathy for women with smaller niche. Homeopathy for women over 40% even smaller niche. Now, while the small niche might not sound so good at the beginning, he caused you are actually limiting the amount of people who might end up buying your product, it actually is a good thing, because you will be able to communicate much more directly and intimately with your prospects in your marketing messages.

If you want you can drill down even further than that. For example homeopathy for women over 40 who have headaches. Or homeopathy for women over 40 that have skin problems.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of niche ideas out there. If you practice a little bit, it would be very easy to come up with a niche ideas. But it’s not enough to just have an idea. You need to validate that idea. You need to make data-driven decisions. Right now when I think about it to me for women over 40 who have skin problems sounds like a great niche for me. I think that could be freely some money in. But I would never, not in 1 million years start to build a website and a product in the niche without doing a proper niche evaluation first. It’s very important that you select the right niche from the beginning. That is why I highly suggest you sign up for the free How To Find A Niche MiniCourse.