Market Samurai: What does PBR (Phrase-To-Broad) mean?

Let’s look at the phrase-to-broad (PBR) option in Market Samurai, in the keyword research module.
This shows the percentage of phrase-match searches out of broad-match searches for any given keyword.
What does that mean and why do you need it?

It basically is a way of filtering out low quality, rubbish keywords.

For example, let’s say your niche market is online marketing, and you are looking for the term niche marketing.

You generate a list of keywords and then weed out the bad ones, so that you have a good, targeted list of quality keywords.

But some keywords with even a high search volume might be “rubbish” keywords that are in there for whatever reason.

For example: “marketing ebook niche how products to”.

Do you think that is a good keyword to optimize for?

Even if it would have a high search volume displayed in google, nobody talks like that.

You can set market samurai to kind of automatically filter out these weird phrases. You do so by determing the ratio between the phrase searches and the broad searches. A phrase search is a search where the searcher actually types in the words in the right order, the order of that given keyword phrase.

A broad match is a search where the searcher types in the keywords, but in a weird kind of order.

The Easy Answer:

Just set the PBR to 15. That’s what the creator of the software prefers and recommends in most cases. But if you are not sure and are afraid that you might miss out on some super-keyword, then just don’t use the PBR function at all.

If you aren’t sure whether MS is right for you, read my market samurai review.

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