Market Samurai: Getting Banned By Google

Market Samurai is a very powerful keyword research tool that can gather HUGE amounts of data in very short amounts of time. Lots of the data it gets from Google.

Now, Google can see how much data you request at any given point from it – and if it things that you are requesting too much data at once, it will just “shut you down” so to speak, you will not be able to access data from Google because you have overdone it.

It’s kind of like asking someone so many questions and keep on nagging them till they say: “Enough!” And don’t talk to us anymore.

So, I know it’s tempting when you have a new niche research tool to to crazy and try out all kinds of keywords and markets, but take it easy at first, and really work focussed on specific projects. Otherwise Google will ban you temporarily. They will also “unban” you after a while, but it still is trouble.

That is why you can use proxy servers to protect you from being banned when using Market Samurai, but I’ll get into that at another point.

But one thing you can do right from the start to minimize the risk of getting banned is not work with more than 100 keywords. (so in the Keyword Research module, you filter it down until you have no more than 100 keywords that you then take to the SEO competition or so.

Before you decide whether or not you want to buy Market Samurai, check out my Market Samurai Review.

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