Market Samurai Error: “Difficulty retrieving 1 cell: Organic traffic data. Try pressing Analyze Keyword”

This is a common error message in Market Samurai, when it can’t retrieve SEOC (SEO Competition) and AWA data. Fortunately, there is an easily solution in most cases.

The program itself tells you to just try to push on the “Analyse Keywords” button, but that usually doesn’t help, because it just brings back the same error message.

This can cause a lot of frustration, because being able to view the SEO Competition so quickly is such an amazing feature, and definitely my mosed regularly used.

But here is what works in most cases. (This works up to Market Samurai 0.84.3, which is the version I use. It will probably also work with future versions, but it definitely works for 0.84.3).

Step 1: Just do your keyword research, and klick on “Analyze keywords” till you have all the data except for the SEOC SEO Competition. Then, click on File in the menu bar (upper left corner), and then settings. Then, click on the proxy tab. There, disable the “use inbuilt proxyservers”, and do not use ANY kind of proxyserver at all.

Then, save the settings, and click on “Analyse Keywords” again.

This time, you will also get the SEOC data.

Just remember to afterwards go back into your settings and enable the inbuilt proxies again.

2 thoughts on “Market Samurai Error: “Difficulty retrieving 1 cell: Organic traffic data. Try pressing Analyze Keyword””

  1. Nope, still does not work “Difficulty retrieving 2 cells: Organic traffic data, SEO competition or AWA data” This was my most valuable tool now it is useless. More money wasted on terrible software

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