Market Samurai Critique: The “Find Content” Module…

One thing about Market Samurai that I don’t like and that I would like to see improved is about the “find content” module. I love the find content module, it’s really great, but I think there is one button that is really missing. And that button is simply a export all. Yes, I know that there is analyze all button, but what I’m after often as not to analyze all of the content sources, but I want to get them all into one place, and right now I have to go to each of them in the tips of each of them manually by clicking on them and that can be quite tiresome. So I hope that in a future version of Market Samurai, there will be one single button that allows me to select also that I can have them all into one HTML file so that I have a nice compilation of all the content that I want to have. Because oftentimes I don’t really use the find content module the way they said, but I actually want to use it outside of Market Samurai. In order to do it right now, I have to find the URL and copy it.

I know the guys from Market Samurai could very easily do that, just the way they do it with the promotion module. I think they just don’t see the value in it yet, but I’ve contacted them and I hope that they will implement that idea. Because Market Samurai is great in many ways, but when it comes to browsing the Internet, I really have some issues with that, because it’s a lot slower, and it doesn’t allow me to use all the functions that I use with a normal browser. That would make this almost perfect piece of software even almost perfecter. Bring it a little bit closer to the state of perfection.

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