How To Find Niche Keywords

In this article we are going to look at different methods of locating niche keywords. If you’re involved in to any kind of online niche marketing strategy, then hopefully you already know that keyword research is one of the most important tasks that you can do to establish a successful, moneymaking niche business online.

One of the best tools for finding niche keywords is the Google keyword tool. Google simply has the largest database of search queries in the world. That makes them the most relevant keyword tool in the world, and the great thing is that it is free. Before you buy into any kind of niche keyword research tool I highly suggest that you use and familiarize yourself with the Google keyword tool.

There is more than the Google keyword tool that you will need to really do efficient niche keyword research, but you absolutely want to know the Google keyword tool in and out before you use other niche keyword tools. Because once you have an understanding of the Google keyword tool, then you can really make the most out of a more advanced niche keyword research tools.

It doesn’t take too long to learn about the Google keyword tool, in fact I included everything you need to know about it in my How To Find A Niche MiniCourse. I want to share some tips with you right here right now.

If you haven’t done so yet then head over to the Google keyword tool:

Type in a phrase or keyword in the little box in the center of the screen, type the characters you see on the screen in the verification box and click on the button that says get keyword ideas.

Google will then return a big fat juicy list of related keywords and phrases that you entered in the box. It will also show the monthly local and global search volume for these terms. And it will show you in which month of the year the search volume for that particular keyword was the highest. This can be really valuable insight. For example, it’s obvious that the search term christmas gifts is most searched for in December. And the search term snowboards is less searched for in the summer months. These are two obvious examples. Sometimes in your market you will find surprising trends that you can then capitalized on.

There’s also an option to show you the average cost per click price. That means if an advertiser wants to display their ads in the Google sponsored listings on the search results pages of relevant searches, how much do they have to pay for one click? This is great insight into the market. Because it shows you which keywords are most likely to be profitable. If it costs $2.15 per click for one keyword and another keyword costs five cents per click, which keywords you think is more profitable? Of course it’s the $2.15 keyword. This is a great way to shortcut your market research. But you also have to take into account how competitive the terms are. And that is where niche keyword research tools enter the game.

It’s also important that you do lateral searches when you do niche keyword research because no matter how big and brilliant the Google algorithm might be, it’s still a stupid machine, it can’t think like a human being. But with the right niche keyword research tools you can get decent lateral searches because the people who created these tools did so specifically for people who are doing niche marketing.

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