Hittail Review

Hittail is a keyword research tool that has been aroundsince 2006 already, but recently got bought by a new owner, a guy called Rob Walling from softwarebyrob.com.

I signed up for the free trial they offer in the beginning of September 2012 – so I’m pretty fresh with this tool and I’ll update my Hittail review every once in a while to keep you posted, after all, search engine optimization is in a constant state of flux.

If you don’t already have a website that is receiving traffic from the search engines, then don’t sign up for Hittail. You need to have some search engine traffic coming to your site, otherwise Hittail is useless, because the way it works is that it analyzes the incoming keyword phrases and then helps you find phrases worth optimizing for.

It’s a bit a mysterious mechanism how it does this. I don’t understand the mechanisms of how it works, and I’m glad I don’t. Because the one thing that’s really great about Hittail i that it is really, really simple.

I don’t know about you – but I got enough work on my hands already. Yes, there is are plenty of great tools for website owners who want to get more traffic – but you always have to make that decision: is it worth your time to get to play with yet another widget?

HitTail used to have a lot more functions than it has now – after the acquisition Rob Walling got rid of many features. But by doing so, he also focused on the core function: analyzing your incoming keyword phrases and sorting out which ones will bring you more traffic when you write for them.

It’s not that every keyword phrase HitTail gives you will be gold – you still need to make that choice. But it’s a lot better than looking at the long list Google Analytics (or other stats programs) give you. For example, about 3 to 5 percent of my current HitTail suggestions contain the word “free” – and I really don’t want to create content for that, I don’t even want that traffic. But if you do have something you can give away for free that could later lead to a sale – by all means, you can use these keywords because they often got a good search volume.

So to clarify again: HitTail really does only one thing: it gives you keyword phrases based on the incoming search terms of your website. Then you have to create content for these keyword phrases and publish it on your website. And you’ll have a very high chance of ranking at the top stop, or at least the top 5 in google for this search phrase.

They do also offer an article writing service – so you basically just click a button next to the HitTail keyword suggestion and then someone will write a high-quality article for you. However, at $20 per article I’m not using their services, I can get really good content cheaper than that with my own writers.

You can sign up for a free 1 month HitTail trial here.

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