Finding Niche Products

In this article we are going to talk about finding niche products. Because sometimes when you are not sure whether the niche is actually profitable or not you do not want to go through the trouble of actually creating a product, because usually there’s so much work involved in creating a really high quality product. So sometimes you can just find someone who has already done a niche product. Then you just license or get the rights to.

The most common way to do that is with PLR or resell rights. These two are actually two different things in one explain them in a moment. Both are valid ways of sourcing niche products. The only issues that you want to make sure that they are high quality products, because unfortunately there is a lot of crap that is being sold in the PLR and resell rights market.

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. That means that you buy the rights for that product and you can use it as if it is your own. You can rewrite it, you can claim to be the author of the book, you can sell it, you can give it away for free, you can edit it, you can take out certain pages and publish them separately as articles, you can turn it into an audio book by reading it or having it read into a mic. It really is as if you had written it yourself, you have all the rights, except of reselling the rights.

What Are Resell Rights?

Resell rights is something different. With resell rights you have the right sell the product to other people but you cannot change it. For example, you cannot claim to be the author. And you cannot change anything inside the product. If it’s an ebook for example you cannot insert your own links into it you cannot do anything to the text and so on. So you are really selling somebody else’s product but you are the one who is getting the profits.

Approaching Product Owners And Authors Directly

Another way of finding niche products is to actually find people who already have a product and ask them: “Hey, I see you have this great product and I really like it and I would like to promote it, can I buy rights to your product.”

You will find that sometimes people are willing to give you the resell rights. That means for example that you pay them 500 bucks and then you have the right to sell their book or their course as often as you like and you get to keep all the profits. Sometimes people are willing to do that, sometimes they’re not.

You can also ask them if they are willing to sell you the private label rights. That means that you actually can claim to be the author of the book and publish it under a different title or change something in the content. Some people will be willing to do that.

Outsourcing Niche Products

Or you just outsource the nicht product creation to somebody. The problem here is that you still have to take care of a lot of details of the product creation process. You have to tell people how to do it and what you want inside and how to write it.

If you don’t have somebody who’s really experienced in product creation for Internet marketing purposes then you have to really provide them with lots of information and train them in the process. That takes up some of your time.

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