Finding A Niche… As A Pizzeria?

Now, even though this website is focussed on online business, I still think we can learn a lot from “real” bricks-and-mortar businesses. (Yes, there, I said it: we online mavens can learn from the “old style” businesses too – not just the other way around).

Recently I read an interesting article about how the only pizza companies that seem to be making good business in bad times are NICHE pizzerias.

Heck, I wasn’t even aware there are such thigns.

[…]the fastest-growing chains in the heavily saturated pizza segment are ones with highly focused positioning.

[…]“The key to growth in the slow economy will be differentiation. Top players will have to understand the competition, successfully identify emerging trends, and find and execute a strong position in the market.”

Now, what they are saying there is just as true for online businesses, as it is for pizzerias obviously. According to the article “healthful and environmentally friendly” pizzas, and pizzas specially for the Hispanic market seem to be going strong.

You can read the full article here.

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