Best WordPress Themes For Business

When it comes to choosing a wordpress theme, it’s very much worth to think things through beforehand. It’s extremely important to think long-term, and you want to settle for nothing less but the best wordpress themes for business.

You basically have two options:

  • Go with the out-of-the-box default wordpress theme (free)
  • choose a premium wordpress theme from a trusted developer (costs money)

And you areĀ kind of stuck with that choice.

How I learned that free is more expensive

When I started out, I used only free themes. Not just the default, but themes from theme portfolio sites. This was the worst choice of all. Some themes looked really nice and did everything they were supposed to do – until a couple of wordpress updates later something broke and it totally messed up my site. In a way that I tried to fix myself, and after three days of getting lost in PHP-, CSS- and mySQL-county I gave up and posted a job on elance to get a programmer to fix my site.

I got away with a blue eye – the programmer I awarded the job with got it done quickly and well for $150. But at that point I now had a site with a (free) theme that had custom-coding by a freelance programmer who already had gotten his money. And I knew another wordpress update would be coming for sure – but I didn’t know if and how it would screw up my site again.

Another experience I had with themes was security issues. At that time I hosted at dreamhost, which is a great host if you’re having hundreds of sites on hundreds of domains, because they have a cheap unlimited plan.

However, that can backfire. One of the themes made it possible for a hacker to “get into my site” and redirect links to his spammy viagra stuff. I’m kind of lucky that it was a very stupid spammer because I noticed this quickly. If he had simply signed up for the affiliate programs I’ve been promoting and replaced some of my affiliate links with some of his own, I’d probably wouldn’t have noticed at and he could have siphoned my commissions for several months. But still, damage was done. The thing is: he didn’t just get into the site with that particular wordpress theme. He could access all my wordpress sites on that particular server, which were about 30. So I had 30 hacked sites, and no idea how to fix this.

Elance it was again, and I found someone who cleared the first site for $100, and then each other website for $25. All in all, I had now almost paid a thousand dollars for my “free” wordpress themes… It was kind of okay, because the sites were making money each month, but it still was painful to part with that amount of money. I could have used it in much better ways.

My first premium wordpress theme

Comparing the best premium wordpress themes I decided that Thesis from diythemes was my theme of choice. In fact, this website that you’re reading now is using Thesis.

Thesis is great – and the 2.0 upgrade, which will be a major step in Thesis development is just around the corner (next week). I love Thesis for many reasons.

But the one thing I don’t like about Thesis are design limitations. You can create simple, good looking websites with great functionality on Thesis. That’s awesome!

But if you want to wow your visitors with a really stellar looking site – that’s very, very hard to do with Thesis. Thesis is no friend of really sleek designs, it’s just difficult to put that into a thesis framework.

I’m still going to keep Thesis for my NicheFinding site – after all, this is kind of my “hobby” site where I just share with friends, and likeminded people (I made some friends here by replying to people who left comments). This site is about providing you with good info, and we don’t need to dress that up a lot.

But the internet is getting a more and more competitive space, and for my niche sites I want to be the site where visitors say: “Wow! That looks like the real thing.” Even visually, I want to be perceived as superior to other sites in my niche.

Now I could invest $2000-$5000 for really awesome custom made sites by great developers.

But instead I use my secret source of the best wordpress themes for business out there: Woo Themes.

There’s a couple of things why I think in the Thesis vs Woo Themes battle, it’s Woo Themes that wins:

  • Woo Themes offers you A LOT of design choices right out of the box. They constantly update their themes and have steady income streams, so they won’t just one day leave it dying by the side of the road.
  • Whenever I have an issue, question, problem, Woo Themes support is there to help me. Fast and effective. Just the way I want it. (Although the Thesis support forums are great in that regard too, with members like Godhammer who have been providing excellent support since many years already there)
  • Woo Themes makes it really easy to set up any kind of ecommerce site with it’s ecommerce plugin. Payment processing, shopping cart systems, order functions – it’s just awesome.
  • Woo Themes are safe. Very, very safe. They even use external auditors to double check for security weaknesses.
  • Woo Themes are easy to use. Yes, I know – I love Thesis custom hooks and easy theme design options and all that. But you still need to dig into it to, you still need to wrap your head around it, etc. With Woo Themes it’s just easy. Simple. And I love that.

So my personal recommendation for the best wordpress themes for business: Woo Themes.

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